Portable Spa pools with Unique patented features

Tuff Spas
Made in the USA
Spa pool models are now available to view in Auckland New Zealand.


Tuff Spa Lid

Unique spa lid

Multicoloured Roto-form spa pools

Life time guaranteed spa lockable Hard lid. You will never need to buy another spa lid again.

Roto-Form life time guaranteed spa shell.

“Go Green” Spa insulation. Re-cycled denim. Amazing heat retention characteristics. Designed for the freezing Northern hemisphere Winters.

Exclusive multi-coloured stacked synthetic/imitation stone finishes.

The world’s only patented hard top spa cover that offers these exclusive features

  • Stays horizontal so you never need to bend over, making it easier to open/close and eliminating unneeded stress on your back
  • Will not obstruct the view when open, allowing for complete visibility in every direction
  • Converts into a shelf when open to hold items such as towels, drinks, stereos, candles, etc
  • Saves space and eliminates the need for inconvenient trays that must be removed every time the cover is opened/closed
  • Powder coated aluminum arms that will never break or need to be replaced
  • Inter-locking design eliminates the need for unsightly straps

Tuff Spas

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