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Spa Pools with Patented unique features- made in the USA

We have been servicing and repairing  Spa pools ( portable and in the Deck ) in Auckland for more than 19 years. There are not to many Brands currently available in New Zealand that we have not worked on and repaired/serviced. We chose to market the “Tuff Spas” USA Brand of Spa pools because of a number of factors.  Some of them being innovative design, quality, durability and value for money. We don’t just sell Spa pools, we install, back up and service when required. Visit or shop in East Tamaki, Auckland and see for yourself. If you like what you see and would like to distribute these in your area then fill in our Distributor application form and send . 

“Tuff” Spa pools USA are supplied with the patented “Tuff” Top Spa pool Cover. These hard lids do not fit on your conventional spa pool. Why would you have a spa pool with anything else. No more water logged covers that are heavy and difficult to move. The Tuff Top Spa pool Cover is the worlds only Spa pool / hot tub cover that coverts into a shelf/bar when open and comes with a LIFETIME WARRANTY so it will never need to be replaced. We have a few Spa pool models on show at our shop in East Tamaki, Auckland. Call in and view for yourself. 
“Tuff” Spa pools offers a variety of seating and jet configurations to meet the needs of each individual user.
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Balboa spa equipment
Quality Spa equipment fitted to our Spas
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USA spa jets & fittings
Tuff spas go green insulation
Recycled Denim Spa insulation
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155kg "Tuff" Spa lid test - TT250 - Don't try this with the other lid types..

ISN’T 60 YEARS OF THE SAME OLD PRODUCT LONG ENOUGH?  FINALLY, THE HOT TUB INDUSTRY HAS SOMETHING FRESH AND NEW.  Tuff Spas offers a unique concept in portable spas that gives our dealers an opportunity to separate themselves from the very competitive “traditional portable spa pool market” by offering a new and different product to sell.  The patented Tuff Top cover, which is made from the same durable roto-molded polyethylene material as our shell, will never need to be replaced.  No more rotting, smelly or sagging covers.  The Tuff Top cover is much easier to open than a traditional cover and other hard top covers and turns into a shelf/bar when open, giving bathers a place to put towels, robes, drinks, stereos, and much more.  The cover will last indefinitely in all climates and is the only hard top cover with a lifetime warranty.

Be different, Be Tuff!

Spa pool Tuff Spa

Made in the USA – with unique patented features and top quality equipment and fittings. Fill up,plug-in & go!


We prefer using "Chlorine free" sanitisers with our Spas

Simple Silver - Spa pool water sanitiser

simplesilver™ is a combination of naturally occurring minerals and a small amount of silver oxide encapsulated in soluble silicon ......
Colloidal Silver

Colloidal Silver liquid - Natural Spa pool water Sanitiser

Medical journals from around the world describe Colloidal Silver as a powerful, wide-spectrum antibiotic. Colloidal silver disables the enzymes that all one ........

Poppits - Hydrogen Peroxide Spa water sanitiser

The "Poppits" brand product range is produced to strict quality standards and Approved by the Asthma foundation .....

AquaSpa - by LoChlor

AQUASPA™ SPA SANITISER is a part of AQUASPA™ chlorine & bromine free range for spa pools & hot tubs ......

Spa pool accessories

V Pump for spa pool draining
Quick Spa drain garden hose operated V-Pump - pool hose ( not shown ) is required to drain. This will empty approx 4000L per hour
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