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Spa pool care and maintenance – Advisory service

Spa pool basic guidelines – general information for domestic use : –

1. Safe practises & Council compliance is of paramount importance, rules and regulations are being reviewed and updated constantly, make sure you comply, accidents can happen very quickly. Make sure that the Spa lid is in place when the Spa is not being used and that the LID is LOCKED. A spa pool should be treated as a health & safety hazard. Regular cleaning, correctly balanced water and maintenance is very important. A spa that is neglected with very little attention paid to hygiene & health can result in serious illness or worse. Everyone loves a clean, crystal clear, fresh smelling heated spa pool.

2.  Ideally everyone should take a shower prior to using the spa. The benefits of doing this should be obvious.

3.  Anyone with a history of high blood pressure, heart condition, stroke or any other serious medical ailment / condition should seek medical clearance  first before using a spa pool. Heated water i.e 38-40deg C raises the body core temperature & heart rate very quickly which can cause numerous problems.

4.  Replacing of the spa pool water is determined by the bather load. High usage will result in more frequent water changes. On average with moderate weekly use by a small Family the water should be changed every 8 – 12 weeks. This will vary from Spa to Spa and is determined by many factors.

5.  Spa pool water chemistry should be tested prior to using the spa and directly after the last person has got out. It is good to know what the chemistry of the water is like that you may be getting into and how it has changed with use. You will be surprised. Many spa owners only test heated spa pool water 1 x per week. One will never be able to keep the water balanced with this practise. Heated spa water plays havoc with chemistry. Correctly balanced Spa pool water will extend the life expectancy of the Spa heater & water sensors and the headrests.

6.  Test & correct water chemistry a minimum of 1 hour prior to use – longer is preferred. It is not advisable to add chemicals and then get into the spa. You could have an unpleasant experience. We are all unique and have different tolerance levels. Apply common sense here.

7.   Remove and clean the Spa cartridge/s regularly. Minimum 1 x per month but preferably 2 x per month. The more use the spa gets the more frequently you need to clean the cartridge/s. A spare cartridge/s should be kept on site.

8.  It is advisable to carry a clean spare spa cartridge on site. This means when you remove the working cartridge/s you do not have to rush the cleaning process and you can leave the dirty cartridge to soak overnight or for a few days in the proper cleaning solution while you still continue to filter the spa water and continue to enjoy this. Even wear and usage of your cartridge/s will result in an extended life span of these. Cartridges are not cheap. The cleaner the cartridge/s the cleaner and healthier the spa water will be for longer periods. Dirty cartridge/s can also result in the spa pool heater not working, these heaters work on water pressure/flow, reduced pressure due to a dirty/blocked cartridge will not allow the heater to turn ON and start heating the spa water. A common “call-out” problem. If you have a sand filter in place of a spa cartridge you need to backwash & rinse the tank media frequently.

9.  Shock dose the spa pool water with your preferred sanitiser on a regular basis, test before use and leave the lockable spa lid partially off to enable excess chemical fumes etc to escape for a short period after carrying out the shock dose. These fumes can attack and damage the spa lid over  time. Turn on the main jet pump when shock dosing and leave this running for a while, this helps distribute and breakdown the chemicals a lot quicker.

10.  Spa pool chemicals should be handled with care, never mix chemicals in the same container. Always add chemicals to water, never water to chemicals. Chemicals containers should be sealed and stored in a safe, cool dry place out of harms way. All chemicals and test strips have a shelf life, check the dates on your containers and replace as required. Very old chemicals may give you inaccurate readings & test results and there could be other side effects.

11.  It is not recommended to add bath oils etc to the spa pool water, this will choke up the spa cartridge/s and will probably leave a oily scum line residue around the spa.

12.  If you have over corrected your spa water chemistry the quickest way to correct this would be to do a partial drain of the spa water and start again. Remember when adding chemicals rather add conservatively to begin with and then test after approximately 1 hour, you can always add more to get to the correct level/s. Trying to lower chemical readings can be problematic for many people.

13.  If you or a family member are allergic to chlorine/ bromine, or if you are tired of the smell of these sanitisers there are chlorine free sanitisers  that have been tried and tested that are now available.

14.  Maintain the correct water level in the spa at all times. Water is lost through evaporation ( heated water ), splashing or a leak. Open & inspect your pump & equipment area on a regular basis. Early detection of leaks can save on repair bills. If your pump/s are making strange noises and it sounds like there is mechanical stress shut this down ( turn off the power ) and have this attended to ASAP. Purging air out of the system after a drain & refill can take a few minutes to clear and settle down. Give this a few minutes and also try turning the system ON & OFF a few times before you react.

15.  When the spa is not in use the lid should be in place and it must be locked. It is also advisable to clean/dry and polish your vynal covered spa lid 1 x per month using a clear wax polish ( leather &  vynal protector product ). This will protect and extendthe life expectancy of your expensive spa cover/lid.

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