Salt Chlorinator repairs

Salt Chlorinator repairs - Sales & Installations

Salt Chlorinator testing
Workshop Salt Chlorinator wet testing

Our workshop "wet testing" facility. Every repair is subjected to this.

Salt chlorinator cell
Salt cell installation

A typical single salt cell installation

Salt Chlorinator testing
Our Workshop facility
Low salt chlorinator
Hayward Low Salt Chlorinator

A salt cell that runs on 3000ppm salt. At this level one can hardly taste the presence of salt in the water.

Workshop “wet testing” of a an old Salt chlorinator fitted with a new Salt cell. The original cell had expired. Note the gas coming OFF the cell plates with water flowing through. The original cell lasted approximately 5 years. 

Burnt salt cell
End result of poor commissioning checks - burnt out salt cell

The picture shows you what can happen with loose power cable connections on a salt chlorinator cell. The heat generated here has completely destroyed this salt cell and power cable. This happens to be a 35g/hr unit. A large secondary current is drawn here and this is what can happen over a period of time. Not good, and an expensive repair.

Stanley salt chlorinator on test
Stanley Salt chlorinator on test Sept 2018
Stanley salt chlorinator
Stanley salt chlorinator controller on test