Swimming Pool Leak Detection and repair services

Proper Pressure testing procedures must be followed to avoid injury or damages

When pressure testing swimming pool plumbing for leaks we Allways use water only to start with. Once you are sure that the PVC line under pressure is Leaking and not holding pressure we then remove the water supply and inject air into that line. The water under pressure that has escaped through the crack/s usually “pools” around the crack/s and when you inject air into the same pipe the air will get out at the same spot/s and you should/may hear a bubbling sound below the ground where the leak/s are eg. like using a straw and blowing air into a glass of water. It is very seldom that we need to take the injected pressure above 12PSI to establish a leak/s. Monitor the pressure gauge and do not stand in front of or above any pressure plugs or bungs that have been inserted. You could get hurt if they blow out. You need to stay ALERT and pay attention to ensure the Safety of everyone involved.

Take a look at this link for an interesting article and more information on Pool Leak detection.

Also take a look at this useful video that demonstrates good pool leak detection practises ….

The “Bucket Test” – do this test 1st if the Pool leak is not obvious. A short helpful video below ….

Pool leak detection pressure rig, air water and air

Pressure Testing swimming pool plumbing – the suction line was leaking on this pool

Leak detection Pool pressure test rig

Injecting Air into a leaking pool return line – following pressure testing with water.

leak located

Plant root damage caused the break in this pool plumbing line

Leak detection equipment

The Latest pool leak detection equipment

leak detection

What not to do! – just Smile!!!

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