Pool Cleaning services - Regular and reliable Pool Valet services 

Working up to a Standard - not down to a price 

Pool Cleaning

Pool valet service - reliable 

Let us take care of your swimming pool and spa pool servicing. We are not new to this Industry. 

Green pool to clean pool

Green pool water restoration 

Every pool behaves differently to treatment, some respond quicker than others and require less chemicals. This is what we do and that time of the year is fast approaching again. The longer you leave the pool water untreated the more it will cost to restore.


Pool Cleaning - Pool Valet options

We offer Weekly, Fortnightly, Monthly or casual Valet services. Our pool services include Green pool water restoration. 

Select your personal pool or spa Valet requirements 

Man with pool cleaning equipment



As you well know your swimming pool needs regular attention. We offer regular and reliable Pool cleaning services for the greater Auckland area. Let us take over this chore. Out of balance swimming pool water can result in all sorts of costly problems in time. Some problems do not show up immediately but when they do it is usually too late to correct this. The best you can hope for is to arrest the problem i.e slow down the deterioration process. Our technicians are trained and experienced and will usually detect equipment problems and/or pool water chemistry issues and advise the owners of these. Leaking pool pumps tend to go unnoticed for long periods of time. We are not new to this Industry and have been servicing Auckland in excess of 20 years. Contact us to enquire about our rates.

Spa Valet



We supply a regular Spa pool valet service, or a “once off” clean up. The once off clean up usually means draining the spa pool using our submersible stand alone pump ( for speed ), cleaning the spa shell, removing and cleaning the spa cartridge/s. Refilling the spa, adding fresh water and start up chemicals, balancing the water and starting up the system. See our Spa pool care blog for additional information. The Aquacomb filter cleaner as seen below is available in our Retail pool shop. our customers love this item.

Aquacomb Filter Cartridge Cleaner
Pool water testing



To quote you accurately we need to know the area that the pool or spa is located at, what frequency of servicing you require ie. weekly, fortnightly, monthly or casual. If there are any special conditions or requirements please include these on our contact form. Our email quote will detail exactly what you will be getting for this “Basic” low cost service.

Pool test strip readings
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