Swimming pool Leak Detection service

Pool and Spa Pool leak detection services

  Proper Pressure Testing Tips to be adhered to when testing swimming pool plumbing – 

When providing a Swimming pool Leak detection service  we Allways  use water only when pressure testing pool plumbing for leaks. Only once you are sure a line is losing pressure and leaking should you inject air to create the “boil” / bubbling sound. You should Never need go above 10-12lbs (PSI ) of pressure. Monitor the pressure gauge and do NOT stand in front of, or above, any plugs or bungs when they are under pressure. You could get hurt if they blow out. You need to pay attention and stay ALERT when pressure testing to ensure the safety for everyone involved. 

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and take a look at this useful video of good pool leak detection practises …..

Leak detection Pool pressure test rig
Air and water pressure testing

The Bucket test

Pressure testing pool plumbing

The Latest Pool leak detection equipment

Is your swimming pool leaking? or is it losing water due to daily evaporation. Start the process of elimination if the leak is not obvious or an easy find.
View this very useful 3 min long video.

Pool plumbing pressure test rig – injecting water and air into the same line at the same time for easier and quicker leak/s location. You create the ” Boil” sound!!

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Latest state of the art pressure testing equipment used. Made in the USA

Pool Diver - leak detection
Pool Diving service

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leak located
Pool plumbing leak located

Pool plumbing pressure tested using water & air - leak located. Contact us

leak detection

Swimming pool Leak detection service

What not to do!

Leak detection in a swimming pool return line plumbing using leak detection dye or food colourant and a syringe. 

Pool leak detection pressure rig, air water and air
Pressure testing swimming pool plumbing using water and air
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