Getting your Swimming pool ready for the Summer

Pool cleaning
Pool water testing

STEP 1 -

Getting started - the Clean up

Getting your swimming pool ready for the Summer.

Remove and clean your pool cover or debris net if fitted. We prefer not to cover pools during Winter. Clear the area around your pool. Cut back or remove any foliage that is overgrown or hanging over the pool.

Ensure pool water levels are good or on the higher than normal level at this time. They are usually higher following winter rainfall and very little evaporation. This will enable you to give your filter an extended backwash and rinse without having to top up the pool. Try to maintain a pool water level of 3/4's of the way up your poolside skimmer box/s face 24/7. Very important!

Clean out poolside skimmer basket/s and pool pump basket. Start up your pool pump and filtration system. Backwash and rinse your pool filter or remove your filter cartridge/s and clean them properly. Reset pump daily running/filtering time/s on your pump control timeclock. Longer in summer and shorter daily running times in winter. We prefer one continuous filtration cycle per day not multiple stops and starts. Every pool has its own characteristics and you should know what your pool water likes best.

STEP 2 -

Pool Water Chemistry

Brush all your pool shell surfaces, vacuum and Valet your pool as per your normal procedure. Backwash and rinse your filter/s prior to the vacuum and then after the cleanup/vacuum. If your pool is green then follow "green pool water restoration" procedures. We won't cover that here. We are assuming your pool just needs a tweak here and there. Test and balance your pool water ( correct all the chemistry levels according to Industry standards ).

Add chemicals and salt ( if it is a salt water pool ) as required. If you are not able to do this then uplift a water sample in a clean container and get this tested ASAP( within a few hours ) at your preferred pool shop. Follow instructions as per their test reports / results.

Once you have the pool water balanced and prior to anyone swimming we suggest that you Shock dose your pool water with your preferred sanitiser and run it like this for a few days. Test and adjust to the correct levels again before anyone starts to swim. This will get the water sparkling, following the winter period. Pool water loves a periodic SHOCK dose.

Phosphate tests
Green pool to clean pool
Swimming Pool equipment in a box
Dirty salt chlorinator cell

Step 3 -

Pool equipment checks and preventative maintenance

Ensure all your pool equipment is in good working order for the busy season ahead. You do not want to be trying to get something repaired or replaced in the December / January period when many suppliers close for the Christmas holidays.

Ensure your pool filter pressure gauges are operational. There are no leaks/drips from any of your equipment. The pool pump sounds normal and there is no white build up of calcium deposits between the pump and motor body. This is obvious and needs to be dealt with sooner than later. Water flow through the system/equipment should be good and if fitted your salt chlorinator cell should also be free of any white/blue build up on any of the salt cell plates or sensors. The control box should be functioning correctly and be adjustable as required. If your salt levels in the pool water are correct and your controller is set correctly you should be able to easily see "gassing" coming off the cell plates. If you have swimming pool heating available on site ( Solar/Heat pump or Gas ) turn this ON and run the system for around one hour to ensure everything is working as it should before you start heating your pool. Ensure your pool cover is in good condition as well.

Clean your equipment, wipe it down, tighten any nuts/bolts that may need tightening. Check the box or shed/room floor and any equipment for any signs of water/drips etc. White streaks of Calcium build up is obvious where pool equipment has been leaking for a period of time. Get this sorted sooner than later.

Final Step -


Maintain correct pool water levels at all times, test and balance your pool water at least 1 x per week. Clear your baskets ( all of them ) Backwash and rinse your pool filter. Add chemicals as required. Keep the pool clean and free of any foliage, organic staining can become a problem.

Enjoy! the Summer and your healthy well maintained swimming pool.

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