Covid-19 Update (Coronavirus)

To All our Valued Swimming pool & Spa pool valet service Customers : –
With effect from 24.03.20, we all go into level 4 Nationwide lockdown in an attempt to slow down and stop the spread of the Covid 19 Virus. This means reduced travel and interactions on-site with our Customers and others.
Our Pool and Spa valet services will be suspended with immediate effect until we are notified by our Government that the lockdown has been lifted. We are not classified as an essential service and have to abide by the Law. We need to ensure that we don’t expose our Customers or Staff to any unnecessary risks.
There is no reason why your pool or spa should turn green if you work with us and follow some basic pool care guidelines.
Our salt pool owners should be ok with regards to chlorine/sanitation levels being maintained in the pool/spa. Debris can always be skimmed and raked out using a pole net. The surfaces can be brushed using your pool brush attached to your pole.
Our hand dosed or auto dosed chlorine pool owners will need to ensure that they have stock on site and if they are unsure as to the quantity required or how they should go about adding please call our office for assistance. If you run out of stock on-site please advise and we will arrange to have supplies delivered and left in a designated spot at your property, as designated by you. Work with us in this instance and we will all get through this with a limited amount of disruption or inconvenience. 
Our office will be open during this time, however, please call prior to calling in if you wish to collect any chemicals. The Laws may change in the interim and our opening hours may be limited.
Please look after yourself, your Family and friends. 
Remember we are not abandoning you we are just complying with the Law.
Thanks for your understanding and co-operation.

Arthur Hintze



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