Swimming pool Salt Chlorinator trouble shooting – Fault finding – A General Guide

Salt Chlorinator Troubleshooting Checks and Tips – a General guide HOME Some useful Troubleshooting Tips. If your salt chlorinator is not working correctly …. try these easy to follow instructions 1st …. Basic checks before you call anyone. Incoming 230V~ Power supply is good – control box is illuminating Salt cell is producing chlorine – …

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Saltwater pools – pH problems

TECHNICAL INFORMATION on Salt water pools pH problems Solving the common swimming pool Saltwater pH Problem – other than dosing with Hydrochloric acid or pH decrease / Sodium Bisulphate ….. or by adding an auto acid doser. An Interesting read :- Maintaining the proper swimming pool pH water balance is tricky. What’s the solution? Here’s a hint: …

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Portable Spa pools with Unique patented features

Made in the USASpa pool models are now available to view in Auckland New Zealand.   Life time guaranteed spa lockable Hard lid. You will never need to buy another spa lid again. Roto-Form life time guaranteed spa shell. “Go Green” Spa insulation. Re-cycled denim. Amazing heat retention characteristics. Designed for the freezing Northern hemisphere …

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Spa Pool care

Home Spa pool care and maintenance – Advisory service Spa pool basic guidelines – general information for domestic use : – 1. Safe practises & Council compliance is of paramount importance, rules and regulations are being reviewed and updated constantly, make sure you comply, accidents can happen very quickly. Make sure that the Spa lid …

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Salt Chlorinator information

Home https://poolmasta.nz/salt-chlorinator-troubleshooting-guide/   Salt Chlorinators : – for swimming pool applications Fundamentals Producer of chlorine, or more precisely Sodium Hypochlorite,( liquid chlorine )  from a salt solution relies on the application of a small DC voltage across two special conductors ( electrodes ) immersed in that mild salt solution. This voltage causes an electric current (Amps) …

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