Month: August 2017

Spa Pool care

Home Spa pool care and maintenance – Advisory service Spa pool basic guidelines – general information for domestic use : – 1. Safe practises & Council compliance is of paramount importance, rules and regulations are being reviewed and updated constantly, make sure you comply, accidents can happen very quickly. Make sure that the Spa lid …

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Phosphates in Pool water – How to treat

Home Phosphate Information :- Green algae are the worst threat to your summer of fun. Sure, black algae can make your pool surface unattractive, as can yellow algae. But it’s green algae that can turn your entire pool into thick pea soup unsuitable for swimming. Keep the green algae long enough and little algae eating …

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Salt Chlorinator information

Home Salt Chlorinators : Fundamentals Producer of chlorine, or more precisely Sodium Hypochlorite,( liquid chlorine )  from a salt solution relies on the application of a small DC voltage across two special conductors (electrodes) immersed in that mild salt solution. This voltage causes an electric current (Amps) to flow from the positive electrode (Anode) through …

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Pool Fencing Laws

Home Law restricting-access-to-residential-pools – Click here to view  

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