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You are on this page because it is more than likely you have a Swimming Pool or Spa Pool problem that needs attention.

Let us help you or at least point you in the right direction. We can take care of all your Pool Cleaning and service requirements. We offer regular and reliable Pool Valets and general repairs.

We service and repair Spa pools. Our services offered are comprehensive. We have a Workshop and a retail Pool shop in East Tamaki Auckland where we repair Pool pumps, Salt chlorinators, Robotic Pool cleaners and others..

We also offer a mobile service. Try us, you won’t be disappointed. Call into our Pool shop and view and discuss our range of “Chlorine free” Spa chemicals. Check out our… about us page.



Pool cleaning

Getting your Swimming pool ready for Summer? Click here for some useful advice on how to open your pool for the season. We have some well tried and tested, easy to follow procedures –

Spa Pool care is a very popular topic for us – Tips on how to look after your Spa!


If you love relaxing in the Spa you will definitely benefit from visiting “Essentials by Fleur” – total relaxation for mind, body & spirit guaranteed. Click here to enquire!!.

Reiki and Reflexology healing
Reflexology contact details

Debris net for swimming pool

Purchase and install a fine meshed nylon “Debris net” for your pool. This will stop any large foliage from getting into your pool, rotting out and staining your pool shell! … and upsetting your pool water balance and chemistry.


Closing your swimming pool down for the Winter

When your swimming season is over find some useful tips here to assist you with the Winterising/closing down of your pool process.

Pool and Spa plumbing fittings

Pool plumbing fittings

White PVC pressure pipe, pipe couplers, elbows, unions, glue and free advice if you plan to DIY –

Bulk Pool chemicals

Buy Pool Chemicals in BULK sizes ( 20/25kg ) and save HEAPS!. No fancy labels or packaging. Call in to our East Tamaki Pool shop and see for yourself. Salt, Sodium Bicarbonate, Calcium Chloride, Sodium Bisulphate, Cyanuric acid, Chlorine granules etc.

Bulk Pool chemicals

Pool and Spa water testing facility

Phosphate tests

Bring a Pool or Spa water sample in on a regular basis for free testing and advice. We use the latest equipment.


Call into our Pool & Spa Retail Shop in East Tamaki, Auckland for a friendly chat & some free Pool or Spa advice. Find us on the Map below.


Unit A3 – 35 Greenmount Drive, East Tamaki 2013, Auckland, New Zealand


Mon-Frid : 08:00-17:00

Saturday : 09:00-14:00

Closed Sundays & Public holidays

The Aquacomb – Spa & Pool filter cartridge element cleaner

Hand held Cleaning Tool for Spas, Swimming Pools, Equine & Pets – made in the USA

A regular garden hose attaches to the back of the device and you have the ability to control the water pressure

Aquacomb filter cartridge cleaner

“Aqua Comb” is a hand held cartridge filter cleaning tool that attaches to a regular garden hose.

They combine a powerful flat 3″ wide water spray with a pic-comb to fully clean pleated cartridge filters and for washing and grooming a wide variety of animals from Dogs, Horses, Cows etc!

All Aquacombs are:

  • 100% Made in the USA
  • Trademarked and Patented.
  • 100% Water tested before they leave the USA.
  • Made from high strength USA sourced plastics.

For Spa and Pool cartridge filter element cleaning, to pet and animal grooming the Aquacomb produces results that no other products achieve.

V-Pump – Spa pool vacuum

The V-Pump requires no electricity/power supply and has no moving parts. Using the V-Pump is simple and easy. Just hook the V-Pump up to a standard garden hose and a couple of standard pool vacuum hose lengths with fittings and turn it ON.

The vacuum created by the water swirling through the pump creates a “Venturi” effect. This will remove extra water, sand, mud and small debris from your Spa, etc by using the pressure from the garden hose. This simple procedure will remove up to 4500L of water per hour with optimal water pressure. The average output is between 3000 to 3400 litres per hour.

The pocket sized V-Pump is suitable for Domestic and some light Industrial use. A well made product that is durable and affordable. CALL INTO OUR RETAIL POOL STORE and let us show you how to set this up and show you how effective this is.

If you don’t already own a Spa Vac then you should definitely check this out. No spa should be without one of these handy devices.

Submersible spa pump

The “V” pump in action

NZ Distributors for –

Simple Silver block

SIMPLE SILVER – Spa pool sanitiser

Chlorine Free – set and forget – Clear for a Year

Magnum pool and spa filter cartridges


Spa and Swimming pool cartridge filters

Tuff Spas Warrantee


Appointed NZ Distributor and service Agents

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Swimming Pool and Spa Pool Chemicals and pool equipment – Salt Chlorinators

LeakTronics leak detection equipment


The latest electronic Pool leak detection equipment

Allchlor logo Salt Chlorinator spares & repairs

allchlor salt chlorinator repairs

Salt chlorinators components and repairs Australia


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